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This is the name of a cool kid everyone will want to know. Shy at first but give a chance.
by Forealz85 December 18, 2011
Araina is the name of a sweet girl who when you meet at first is a little shy,but when you really get to know her... she's open,crazy and lovable.
by Forealz85 December 18, 2011
Gender: Female
Origin: Latin
Meaning of the name Araina : (ah-RAY-nah) - Variant of Raina: Queen.
Look Its Araina xD
by NoLiez45 January 01, 2012
A fake black chick who thinks she knows all these words and she really doesn't! She's also a lesbian and LOVES to finger and lick a cows assholes! she hates seamen and is also a prostitute. she'll lick in between your toes for .25 cents! people don't like being friends with her either. she's a total creep. and pervert. stay away from all arainas!
Friend: Ew, did you see that Araina chick?
Me: YEAH! i saw her licking a cows asshole!
by PeeOnMeMan June 16, 2011
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