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A Japanese chick with enormous tits, and looks great in League of Legends/Mass Effect 3 Cosplay.
Dude: Dude I just saw a Arahi!
Dude 2: Dude fuck her!
by mustangsman February 06, 2013
A chilled 'no worries man' type of guy. Excels in any music situation. Although he seems loose, he has secrets he may keep from his friends..
"Hey, my boyfriend's such an Arahi"

"Oh my god, I'm jealous!"
by MarcusAurelius August 21, 2013
Ugly chunky mexican. Believes to be extremely sexy, but really isn't. Voice resembles chipmunk on acid. Tacky, and not the best in bed.
Dude.. I got with an Arahi last night.

Wow, that sucks man.......
by arahisialoser December 26, 2010