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Awesome child from Muslim decent.
Name comes from The Holy Kuran/Quran.
Not too pretty but very outgoing.
Very attractive in personality.
Damn, Aquil is cool.
Bro you look aquil.
Oooo Aquil sex me.
by Rottman13 March 10, 2011
Latin for eagle.
A very dirty boy.
A bum.
Some one that smells and does not shower regularly.
A dreagotory insult for a smelly dirty person.
A smelly dirty boy that lives in South ozone Park quuens.
The old bum on the bus was Aquil.
Yo that kid was Aquil.
by Rufus for President 2012 July 31, 2008
A rare form of sheep. An Aquil is a dark toned sheep, commonly reffered to as tamil. Most cowboys prefer to shoot tehir Aquils asap, rather than allowing it to grow, and it's pathetically disgusting stench to manifest. Aquils really do stink bad, and sometimes have the audacity to flirt with horrified girls. No Aquil deserves to be let near a girl.
Oscar: Howdy partner! I see you got yourself an Aquil there.
Reedwan: Yay I do. Stinks like shit though.
by Farmer 94th April 09, 2009
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