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Matt Dowding's invention of a new and horrific evoloution of the Rick Roll.

Created in 2011 On The UGSU Radio Station "ToneRadio"
"Next on Tech On Tone, Living On A Prayer..."

*...I'm a barbie giiirl!*




by DemonBlueDays June 10, 2011
Aquaroll, the same as a rickroll but with a song from the 'pop' band Aqua.
Created on Thursday 11th May on Tone Radio, A University Students' Union online radio station by one of he co-presenters of the late night tech news show, Tech On Tone.
An example of an Aquaroll being: Introducing a song such as Livin' On A Prayer by Bon Jovi but infact playing Barbie Girl by Aqua instead
by Wandering Wolf May 12, 2011