Pretty much the hipster of the zodiac. They do like a lot hipster stuff and they are generally liberal and are big for humaritarian causes and helping people that are in need. They are also big on human equality and diversity since they are big on friendship.

They like anything weird and they may be a little eccentric, and think it is cool. They probably get a kick out of sci-fi and thift shop clothing, and they love giving things to the Salvation Army, and shopping at it too. They are also a big fan of humantarian causes. Aquarians generally a friendly, but they might have a cold attitude.
Jeff is an Aquarius. He likes sci-fi and loves to give money to the poor.
by Kyle 230 April 28, 2010
A zodiac sign representing a person born in mid to late Jan. or early to mid Feb. A very stubborn defender of the month of February.
Damn, that muffin man is still trying to defend my arch nemisis, FEBRUARY! He is most obviously an aquarius.
by alibra August 22, 2006
The most 'electrifying' sign. Aquarius rules shock and electricity, come across them the wrong way and they'll electrocute you. Overall, a great sign. Humanitarian, friendly, super intelligent, and oh boy unpredictable! You can never guess what an Aquarian will do next ... But be prepared to get shocked.
Aquarius sign of friendship, electricity, humanitarian.
by Chikita16 March 30, 2015
A song sung at the beginning of the musical and movie HAIR. It is about the dawning of harmony and understanding.
Person 1: Hey! Have you heard the song Aquarius?
Person 2: From Hair?
Person 1: Yeah!
Person 2: Yeah! I love that song!
Person 1: Me too!
by PeaceLoveFreedomHappiness January 30, 2012
A low-life sucker and a player. He will be nice to you at first and make you fall in love harder. The once you start telling girls he's in love with them and he doesn't have a girlfriend. I wouldn't want to have a friend or boyfriend that is a aquarius unless you like getting hurt.
Aquarius: I love you baby...
Me: I didn't seem like it when you told girls you loved them and didn't have a girlfriend
Aquarius: But there not like you I was scared that you didn't like me the way I liked you. I thought you were going to break up with me
Me: You're a player Aquarius
by Katlinrocks555 April 28, 2016
people of this sign only seem cool at first. There are genuinely cool Aquariuses, but for the most part the ones I have met were just weird and inconsiderate. Guys are- rude, strange, arrogant, have the WORST memory, or theyre just messing with you in a really stupid way, are confused as @$%&, have weird preferences, tend to think they're pimps, when they're fucking NOT. Girls are -really chill, but can be so catty its actually unbearable, or so spaced out that you think they've gone partially unconscious, also bad memory. most Aquarius people are just plain weird and not in a very good way.
Boy; hi im an Aquarius, you WANT ME.
Girl; um no?
Boy; it's ok not everyone admits it at first
Girl; *walks away* thinking 'stfu'

Aquarius person; what's your name?
non Aquarius person; Frederick
Auarius person; oh. so omg we should go to ihop.
non Aquarius person; yeah and swim in the pool
Aquarius person; yeah. what's your name?
non Aquarius person; um..Frederick
Aquarius person; cool! oh where did you want to swim?

I'm a Capricorn and guys that are Aquarius usually like me and worst of all i like them back. i don't know why, theyre stupid and confused. but the feelings develop anyway
by SheldonIsAShell March 06, 2011
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