Zooooooooooooooooooooooo of fish
I'm going to the zoo of fish a.k.a. an aquarium. fo shizzle bitch? you get that, take that you aquarium zoo of fish bitches. Fuck dat shit nigga, you can take it back to the hood, shitz mad brick out yo. Holla. 1
by Anthony Marciano July 22, 2006
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(n) derogatory term used by gay men for a place with a large presence of females.
"My God Steve, what's with all of the fish in the bar tonight? If I wanted to go to an Aquarium, I'd have gone to Sea World."
by poontang October 18, 2006
The aquarium is a sexual act. It involves urinating in someones face while they are sucking you off. This usually occurs just before ejaculation.
Michael: "Dude, I totally aquariumed Jesse last weekend!"

John: "Dude. That's gross."
by Beaver Brown September 13, 2008
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