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Originating with the root words aqua- and tu-rd = water poop.
Also known as a terrible spelling for the word awkward
I had a splendid wet burrito that led to an aquard situation.
by GNazi May 07, 2013
A misspelling of the word, "awkward." Defined at urbandictionary.com to make the misspeller feel cool and hip.
Savant: You spelled "awkward" wrong!
Idiot: No I didn't. Look "aquard" up at urbandictionary.com, it's the cool, new way of spelling it.
Savant: Idiot.
by Propriety Police December 02, 2005
A student engineer's misspelling of "awkward". It is used in any computerbased context to "dumb down" superior intelligence that may be posessed by engineers and the like. Comedic value, mainly.
Mike: As I was calculating the proximodistal locus of anterior arc B-theta with reference to the tangeant of panel A....this girl from marketing gave me a strange look. It felt most aquard.
by nondeskript November 22, 2005
a feeling of discomfort...

yes thats right AQUARD!!
guy 1-- "man that musta been wierd when your mom burst in on you and sally going at it"
guy 2--" yeah it was aquard"
by char August 29, 2003
a feeling of discomfort, possibly around a person.

yes thats right!
guy 1---"man that musta been crappy when your mom walked in on you and sarah going at it"
guy 2--- " yeah it was aquard"
by char August 29, 2003