After ejaculating, the perhaps bored male will allow his semem to cover his hand as much as possible. Now the male reveals his hands to himself, a mirror or his partner, spreading his fingers so the semen makes his fingers look webbed and yells "I am Aquaman!"
Female: So after you cum what do you do with all the semen?

Male: Well usually to entertain myself i enjoy going to the mirror and pretending i'm Aquaman!

Female: ...Can i be Aquawoman?
by Kris242 May 24, 2008
An Airplane. When an idiot is trying to say its a bird, its a plane, its aquaman. An airport is the aqualair.
Dude, look its an aquaman.
by Corey Lynch September 03, 2007
A euphemistic term for a hand-held shower massage is a single woman’s shower stall.
"Damn, she's so ugly that the only man that will have sex with her is aquaman."
by AJ May 26, 2004
When having sex, the man grabs the girl by the neck and shoves her head in and out of water while penatration is being made.
Ima aqua man that hoe i dont supperman no moe
by billty March 01, 2008
An Airplane. The Aqualair is the airport.
Hey can you drive me to the aqualair tomorrow morning? I got a seat in the rear of aquaman.

by Corey Lynch August 11, 2007
When you bust a nut in your girl's ass under water
"Last saturday i aquamaned my girl at the beach"
by zakary arab June 20, 2007
A comic book superhero (introduced November 1941) who us frequently and unjustifiably ridiculed for misunderstanding of powers. He is an Atlantean Prince who was sent to live on the surface for several years until discovering his powers, such a super strength, super speed, hydrokinesis, health regeneration, etc.
He is a founding member of the Justice League who despite false ridiculing frequently operates on land with his fellow JLA members.
He is soon to be adapted into film being portrayed by Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa.
Aquaman likes to defeat his enemies using his mighty trident.
by J Jonah Jameson Jr. November 05, 2014

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