Aquaman: Michael Phelps, isnt even human
by Cherry-Vanilla September 01, 2008
A comic book superhero (introduced November 1941) who us frequently and unjustifiably ridiculed for misunderstanding of powers. He is an Atlantean Prince who was sent to live on the surface for several years until discovering his powers, such a super strength, super speed, hydrokinesis, health regeneration, etc.
He is a founding member of the Justice League who despite false ridiculing frequently operates on land with his fellow JLA members.
He is soon to be adapted into film being portrayed by Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa.
Aquaman likes to defeat his enemies using his mighty trident.
by J Jonah Jameson Jr. November 05, 2014
Its when you get a blow job in the bathtub or hottub and you fart so the bubbles pop in her face.
JT was getting blown in the bathtub when he gave her the aquaman
by Cohibaesp October 29, 2008
a big fucking loser
Don Downing is a real Aquaman.
by Sexy Randel the Pharoh Wizard January 25, 2004
To screw up royally. Synonymous to Epic Failure. To be as useless as the "super"hero Aquaman.
by UglyHobo July 29, 2011
The stupidest superhero ever. Sure he can breathe underwater and talk to fish. So can Spongebob and Patrick. That just shows how lame he is if a kids tv show characters everyday lifestyle is the same as aquamans powers.
Aquaman: Hello fish of the Atlantic Ocean! Fish: dude. Just cut it out. Spongebob is cooler than you.
by Bethy Girl July 04, 2010
When a man urinates on a woman, and then smacks her in the face with a freshly caught Atlantic Tuna, in order to indulge himself sexually.
Yep. Missionary isn't doing it for me anymore boys. I just can't feel like got my rocks off until I pull an Aquaman.
by markgodofpoop August 07, 2011

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