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When a guy fucks a girl from behind, then fish-hooks her mouth from both sides with his hands, so when she tries to speak it sounds like she's calling Flipper.
The bitch was being quiet, so I decided to aquaman that hoe.
by reliantroomhomies September 30, 2007
When you have sex with a one-eyed person in their empty eye socket and cum inside their skull.
Debbie lost her left eye in a boating accident, but its OK because her boyfriend Ron loves to Aquaman that hoe.
by WarDove July 12, 2011
Very shortly after ejaculation during sexual intercourse (as soon as bodily possible) performing the act of urination upon the female partner (preferably on the face or in the mouth). Let her swim in it.
Dude did you Aquaman that hoe last night? Yeah, she was swimmin' in it broheim.
by Aquaman C10 crew. December 01, 2007
its when you are in a pool with a hoe and you hold her head underwater to make her blow you.
lashawn didnt wanna give me head so i had to Aquaman that hoe.
by Arthur Curry November 21, 2007
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