a show i laughed at at first because it doesn't make any sense and i couldn't believe something so out of hand was on television. but the joke lost it's charm after a while. and now i'm really sick of people doing throaty meatwad impressions.
watching one episode of aqua teen hunger force is enough.
by youdontsmellbad September 03, 2004
I dont get it.......The first few episodes were weird.....the only one i watched all the way thru was the one with that doll thingie that made Meatwad all depressed, so they chuck it off a cliff. The only thing this show does for me is make me crave McDonalds. But i cant go to Mcdonalds kuz the shows always on fucking late and McDonalds is closed....The Only show like this that i like is the BRAK show kzu thats funnier than this one kuz it has a foreign midget guy and a pyro praying mantis thing. Anyways ATHF is just fucking weird but it does have its moments sometimes.
ok..... some meat, That Shake thingie, and the flying fry with the rectractable fry arm thingie...... yup it all sounds like a bad acid trip to me
by Matt November 12, 2004
One of many shows on late-night Cartoon Network that are made for total losers. They nestle it in with incredibly gay anime (read: absolutely all anime) and better programs acquired from other stations. With the well-founded idea that only pathetic lowlifes (which there are many of) stay up watching cartoons late at night, they're able to bank on these witless stoner shows.
"Aqua Teen Hunger Force fucking sucks me."
by Jones McWagnick November 12, 2005

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