A fart that is usally done underwater such places such as a bathtub,swimming pool, jacuzzi or any body of water in general.
Eddie & Teddy freaked out when Freddy did a aquafart in the wading pool.
by BruinKiller3469 March 27, 2009
Top Definition
The only kind of fart that is visible to the naked eye, usually spotted in the bath tub, swimming pool, or other body of water. If done in a steaming hot bath tub, the smell is intensified.
Mom, Jimmy just laid an Aqua Fart in the bath tub!
by No Amnesty September 21, 2007
when someone farted underwater. You usually only see this at the pool.
(Tim and Jerry are at the pool.)



Tim: sorry.
by AyemLawlolawlNewtonEpicFace March 21, 2012
a fart that stinks ass underwater.
my dag laid an aquafat while i was skiny diping with my mom.
john had bad gas and hes aquafarting.
by andrew February 29, 2004
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