A bestie who's an OBG and thinks she's a kalo and a nigger but she doesn't even know what og until sheela told him bout it ;)
Mike came from aqsa's boat
My friend just got aqsa'd
by Sheela23 February 07, 2011
Top Definition
The greatest girl ever who ever guy is CRAVING for.
She is not a slut, but she gets along with guys better.
Shes extremely smart and knows what to do and what to say at every moment.
She's the best friend anyone could have.
Aqsa's just amazing, and pretty, and omfg anything anyone wants.
Omg i wish i was aqsa shes perfect.

aqsas so cool - she runs the school.
by xxamAzingxx November 12, 2010
A chaotic mess of beautiful colours that works perfectly as a whole.
She's pretty boring. I wish she was an Aqsa.
by Sugarheel August 05, 2014
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