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To be straight up KOBE, he balls hard, He gets turnt up, chill black dude around. An upper class black man. He not gay! This dude get all the girls. He's a cancer( as in the crab) and a sensitive guy. Nobody can beat him I'm 2k14 as the lakers. This kid is straight up out of Africa specifically Zimbabwe. Loves Kfc Aqel is team brown skin not dark skin. Likes to be called the chocolate metaphor. A giants fan! And has a condo in L.A partying with all the B-list celebrities. HIS own named brand shoes only sold in Africa, His Flappy Bird record is 11, Syracuse Otto the orange, Eli Manning Best Qb. And part time owner of Zimbabwe Stone Company! He also has a Pimp out backpack and a buggati. He makes it rain at his own club where Miley Cyrus went to. And Doesn't pay child support. When you see him, yell where my money you broke ass kid. And he's a Saint.:)
Aqel you are such a cool kid.
Aqel: i know I'm a G
by SYRACUSEFAN January 30, 2014
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To be kingly like, very smart, Islamic name. Unique
He was aqel in the situation.
by Angry-Panc4k3 July 24, 2012

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