amillennial postapocalyptic transformaton
I pried the gun from my dead friend's hand. His face was a puddle of goo. I turned the gun toward the advancing army of APTs and shouted, "This is for Larry!!!"
by Tom March 30, 2005
Abbreviation for apartment. It is spelled out during pronunciation or in a sentence.
"Let's head on back to the APT. I wanna grab some stuff before we go out tonight."
by jupiter6921 September 15, 2007
Defined as a race born with an adaptation of tiny penises and long hair. Though many textbooks say there are no "APT"s left and they died out in the early 1990s, there is one rumored to be living in Pennsylvania.
Boy, when you thought all the bastards were dead, there's another damn APT.
by Professer Van Longcock January 13, 2005
N. Person with very long hair.
APT is really one cool cat...I wish I could have that hair!!!
by COOL DUDE January 10, 2005
noun: an acronym for "Anal Pencil Thrust" the act of ramming a pencil (or pen) up someone's anus. Normally performed while clothed and with non-romantic intents (and usually on the same sex). it originated in the environment of certain East-Coast preperatory schools to ease the boredom of classes by APTing someone repeatedly and watching them flinch, squirm and squeal, all under the nose of a teacher. its acronym form came as a result of the popularization of the act.
1) I APTed Andrew today so mightily during math class that my writing utensil penetrated the cloth of his pants.

2) We spent the entire evening debating the nonexistence of homosexual connotations to the act of the APT.
by Pechvarry November 12, 2006

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