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1) noun.
A common misspelling of "apology", usually pointed out to the writer by assholes to make themselves appear smarter than they actually are.

2) noun
The study of electronic applications, most commonly concerning smart phones and tablets.
See: App
1) Writer: "I'd like to make an appology for my behavior last night."
Asshole: "It's spelled 'apology'."
Writer: "Go suck a dick, Ron."

2) "I can't wait to show Jenny that I'm a master of appology by hooking her up with the best iPhone apps!"
by Adventurous McAwesomeface October 31, 2012
The study of apps. The art of helping awesome apps find quality users, organically.
I think I need to take a course in Appology.

"Girl, look at your downloads, you really need to brush up on your appology"
by Mobile Action June 19, 2014
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