An applelanche is the avalanche that occurs when a load-bearing apple is removed from a supermarket produce display.
While trying to access the least-bruised Granny Smith the other day, I accidentally started one hell of an "Applelanche."
by Mavis Bodacious September 12, 2010
Top Definition
A lot of apples tumbling to the floor at once.
The word came from Avalanche. An avanlanche of apples.

Example: In a shop, the stand holding the apples, collapses sending all the apples to the floor at once.

When the stand in the store holding the apples collapsed, it sent all the apples to the floor in an Applelanche
by Potato Implosion October 02, 2009
When you grab a apple from the bottom of a pile of apples and they all fall like an avalanche.
*Speaking over loud speaker at grocery store* Janitor to isle 7 there was an applelanche
*Janitor* F***, these kids are cray cray with their shananigans
by thatrandomwhitechick December 27, 2014
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