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an annual football game played by the Cougs and the Huskies in Washington state.
Yeah, the cougars beat the huskies again in the Apple Cup!
by Bryan Thomson December 28, 2005
An annual football fame between the Washington State University Cougars and University of Washington Huskies. Trash talk usually surrounds it. The 2008 Apple Cup in Pullman was with WSU coming from behind in the fourth quarter to tie it up 10-10 and forcing the game into overtime. UW "coug'd" it and the kicker couldn't make a field goal worth crap besides the one to force the game into double overtime. WSU won 16-13 and the crowd went wild and poured onto the field.
"You going to the Apple Cup?"

"Fo sho!"

Apple Cup rocks!
by huckthefuskies November 23, 2008
The Apple Cup for football is an annual college (American) football game between cross-state rivals the University of Washington (UW) and Washington State University (WSU), the two largest universities in Washington. The game is played in November in either the UW's Husky Stadium in Seattle or WSU's Martin Stadium in Pullman.For many the game simply symbolizes an increasing high stakes rivalry of East vs. West Washington, the predominately high income, Western Washingtonians vs. the predominately lower class and middle class Eastern Washingtonians. The Washington Huskies lead the series overwhelmingly 63 wins to 29 losses
Coug fans can often be found throwing urine filled water bottles after the Apple Cup at celebrating Husky fans in this one sided rivalry.
by Tylerrr July 06, 2006
A rivalry game between the UW Huskies and WSU Cougars that occurs every year (usually around Thanksgiving) that wazzu usually seems to "coug" (fuck up in 4th quarter) every so often. The huskies longest winning streak in this game is 8 straight times (acheived this twice), while wsu hasn't won it more than two straight times. The huskies lead the series 64-30 (6 ties). The most memorable apple cup was in 2002 when the huskies upset the the 3rd ranked cougars in a triple overtime thriller 27 -19. This denied the cougs of a rose bowl berth the next year.
Jake Locker and UW is gonna beat the shit out of wazzu this year in the apple cup! I cant wait!
by Locker 4 Heisman August 08, 2008

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