A school yard game that involves an apple, the more rotten the better and a group of friends. You must first drop the apple from about 1m above your height, so stand on a chair, to break the apple into pieces, the players must then scramble to grab pieces of the apple. Every player must have at least one piece. Then.. you throw the apple pieces at each other, the messier it gets the better.
Person1: Hey dude lets play apple smash
Person2: Whats that?
Person1: An epic game!
by emmyrahh November 12, 2010
Top Definition
To pound the booty. Pillaging, but albeit pleasurable, anal sex.
I can't wait to get home tonight braaaahhh. Bae will beer there waiting for me, in bed, on all fours, waiting for an apple smash.

Pound dat ass good braaaaaaahhh.
by Sal Manilla December 28, 2015
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