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One who is a big pussy but is unaware of this, and thinks they are tough.
John is such an Apple Pussy. He acted like he was going to fight Steve today, but everyone knew he was going to eventually back down. He is the biggest apple pussy.
by Letrel Jenkins April 02, 2008
A fictitously expensive cologne worn by a miniature Snoop Dogg lookalike. This applepussy cologne wearing mini-snoop can be found usually outside gay night club lineups, and is known to cling on to gay men, usually transvestites, and claims to be too broke to pay his own way in. Once inside the club, he pulls out bundles of bills, and tries to impress people by claiming to be Whitney Houstons cousin. Applepussy wearers will also claim to have attempted to convince Whitney to leave Bobby Brown.
Yeah baby, I'm wearin' Applepussy...!
by Bobbie Brown May 18, 2007
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