An extremely innovative corporation. If it weren't for Apple and Mr. Steve Jobs, computers would be a tool only for rocket scientists, music would only be on CD's and we would still consider the Motorola RAZR cool. One bad thing about Apple is they are extremely ageist. The company includes advanced parental control software on most of it's products including it's Mac OS X Leopard operating system and it's iPod line of music players. This is the only form of discrimination they participate in however, they are not racist, sexist or homophobic.
If it weren't for the parental control software in the new Apple Inc. operating system, I might have actually purchased it instead of pirating it.
by FelisCatusLover May 08, 2009
Top Definition
Apple Inc. is the former Apple Computers.
They changed their name after expanding further then making computers.
So, after the iPhone. They stayed Apple Computers during the production of iPods, because iPods are small computers.
Guy 1: Man, Apple Computers make iPods -- so nice.
Guy 2: Actually sir, they're Apple Inc. now. Ever since the iPhone.
Guy 1: Oh, awesome!
Guy 2: I'd say. Different name, same great quality.
by Adam Ritchie November 24, 2007
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