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Apopka, or APK, is the most gangster town in Florida. It is also known as "chopper city" for its prevalency of machine gun like weapons. Because there is not a lot to do, Apopka is home to the finest drugs.
I smoked some weed from Apopka last week and I'm still high.
by pinecone1 April 02, 2009
a very small town north of orlando, florida known for smelling of human excrement and for its incredibly cocky residents who proclaim "Apopka is the shit" (which is rather ironic). Named after the most polluted lake in central florida(lake apopka). supposedly apopka means "the big potato" in some native american dilect.
"my god! what is that smell? we must be in apopka!"
"i'm from apopka... unfortunately"
by jwho? May 08, 2006
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