to ejaculate semen as an apology or excuse for some fault, insult, failure, or injury.
Girl: You are such a jerk, I can't believe you!
Guy: Let me apolojizz
Girl: Fine! I accept
Guy: <facial>
Girl: You're an asshole.
by ihuntmidgets September 29, 2009
Top Definition
When a woman gives a man an orgasm out of remorse for something she may have done. It is essentially giving the man an orgasm as an apology.
Rachel: I was a really big bitch to Kieran last night
Kate: Did you apolojizz to him?
Rachel: Yeah, I gave him a blowjob
by Mohammed Abdul Jabar December 11, 2010
The act of having make-up sex.
Guy 1: My girlfriend and I had a huge fight yesterday.
Guy 2: Are things ok now?
Guy 1: Yeah, I apolojizzed.
Guy 2: Ooh, nice!
by Pickleknee October 04, 2009
To apologize with the intention of getting some; To apologize profusely in hopes of receiving sexual favors in return
After cheating on her with Erica, Sean was apolojizzing all over the place to Amanda
by sexii_mamii February 16, 2011
The cum that comes from make up sex
and then I apolojizzed all over her face last night after we argued.
by Fuckin Tim July 31, 2008
1. When you apologize to a girl for being a dick and then you suddenly bust a load all over your pants so when you get a hug of reconciliation from her, she sees the dark blue spot on your pants and then runs away in fear that you liked her.

2. An apology you don't want.
1. Guy: "I am really sorry Elise..."
Girl: "Well...I guess its ok, come over here and give me a
Guy: "Oh my god..."
Girl: "Ahhh! Did you just apolojizz? You Sick Bastard!"

2. Girl: "I didn't mean to sleep with are the only
one I care about! I swear!"
Guy: "Shut up...I don't want your apolojizz.
by Charlise October 17, 2007
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