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noun- That which causes bros to perceive themselves to be in an envibroment which is conducive to brocializing, ie pizza and beer.
Yo dawg, the aphbrodisiacs were so strong I didn't even realize what a sausagefest it was.

Yo dawg, tap this aphbrodisiac.

Yo dawg, it that phone an anbroid?

Yo dawg, just munchin' on some aphbrodisiacs.
by MatthewBrahderick September 19, 2010
Substance that brings two bros or complete strangers closer together in a bonding experience I.e. Chew, beer, girls, weed
Bro this Copenhagen sure is an Aphbrodisiac!

At first I didn't like jerry, but after having some brews, they acted as an Aphbrodisiac and now we're best buds!
by Hardnuutz13 October 29, 2014
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