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unlike the definition above, this one is real. Apeldoorn is a town in the netherlands in the province: gelderland. its surrounded by a beatutiful forrest (National park) the Veluwe. it has around 150k inhabitants. if u wanna know more l2 look @ wikipedia :D

just want to make sure u dont think its a girl or sometin or whatever it said above....
hey do you live in apeldoorn?

no but I live closeby.

u like it there?

yea its nice, nice nature and stuff but the houses are damn ugly.
by reddiebombasticftw February 01, 2011
Apeldoorn is a city in the middle of The Netherlands. It's a multi-cultural city that includes alot of nationalities including Moroccon, Turkisk, Dutch, Somalian, Suriname, Afghan, Armenian and many more.

Apeldoorn has a large inner city and a huge mall. There many people to be seen from different places. There are alot of buildings, there are many appartments and alot of neighborhoods are pretty rough.

Apeldoorn is a dangerous city to go to espicially in the evenings, there are many crimes committed.

Nearby Apeldoorn there is a beauitful forest with an anazing environment.
Guy: Hey man, where you going?

Dude: I'm headin to Apeldoorn man! Lets hit the city!

Guy: Oh hell yea, I'm comin too!
by lets go to tha disco January 22, 2012
A wierd girl obsessed with Office Depot and that has falsely coloured hair. Dances awekward variations of clogs... Apeldoorn's are often not able to get along with Steve's, they have many differences and will fight about every damn thing.
Sorry Steve, I can't it if Julie's an Apeldoorn

Mary: "I'm going to office depot!"
John: "So what? Are you an Apeldoorn?"
by Eppelhcs December 07, 2007
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