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"it's short in front and long in back!" ~Vandals
by m0sher September 26, 2003
A hair style related to but distinct from the mullet, hockey hair, Kentucky waterfall, and Cincinnati toupee. The ape drape is defined by its vigorous growth and lack of part. The drape should be shorter in the front but should ease in gracefully to the shoulders without showing any signs of human intervention. In the dim light of an alley, ape drapes should give their owners the silhouette of a mountain gorilla.
I burned all photos of me in eighth grade because I was sporting an ape drape.
by ThunderMummy October 27, 2005
hair style enjoed by many, for good reason. Often thought to be communist in nature, is in reality rusticly urbanized. Also known as a mullet. Bears strong resemblane to a shag carpet cut with a weedwacker.
I've got an ape drape, yes I do
They're giving one to everyone, that means you

by pEz805 March 23, 2004
a mullet hair style. see also: camaro cut, 10-90, and hockey hair.
Look at the redneck with the apedrape driving that nova.
by Anonymous March 09, 2003
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