It's not important. Don't worry about it.
Fuck now i have to write an example too? This is way to much efffort thatn it's worth. I should complain or something, nevermind. It's to much work.
by Iain March 18, 2005
indifference, not giving a flying f***
He called me apathetic, but I did not mind
by Loopoo August 06, 2004
A disease that occurs when after ap testing, due to brain overload, a student becomes apathetic towards all other final exams.
"I had such a bad case of APathy that I didn't study at all for my physics final!"
by APathysufferer May 17, 2009
A hip hop artist from Connecticut
a different rapper chicken macker trick attracter, old school mother fuckers be like, "listen to that whipper snapper" - apathy
by crown of hops September 08, 2007
Lack of interest or concern, especially regarding matters of general importance or appeal; indifference
apathy is like a chicken with no fucking legs trying to walk across a goddamn field- mr mccarty
by Khaine September 20, 2005
Apathy (n.) - A complete lack of giving a fuck.
She was so apathetic about drawing that she didn't even color within the lines.

My mother is the queen of apathy; she doesn't care about ANYTHING.
by Xawe September 17, 2014
A group of hipsters
"I'm watching an apathy of hipsters try to reinvent music."
by terrahdez January 15, 2014

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