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Acronym for (A)n (O)verwhelming (W)atermelon of (A)ffection. An alternative to ily.

In 2006 in a market place located in the middle east, a man was selling fruit in a stand. But this particular fruit vendor was an ex-mental patient who was trying to rebuild his life with his humble new job. A man in a rush walked by quickly, the vendor asked him "Would you like to buy a watermelon?" The man replied "no" very rudely. Suddenly the man heard an angry, insane scream. Without warning, and defying all laws of science, the vendor shoved a watermelon up the man's colon. The story is passed on to this day. If you ask someone if they would like to buy a watermelon and they say no, it means they would like a watermelon shoved up their colon.

The term Aowa & its users make it their goal to remind us all of our love for this very special fruit & clear the fear from our minds.
"Do you like watermelons?"


"Don't scream i'd just want to let you know that i am significantly positioned to the like side of the spectrum in regards to you."

"Ohhhhh... Aowa to you too!"
by ykrapsykram September 15, 2009
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