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Probably one of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet. Has beautiful eyes and a great sense of humour to match her beautiful and big booty. Has the best fashion sense in town and will always get you in on the latest trends - she'll also be able to snag you a place at the new local hotspot. She is a loyal friend who is truthful but also caring and will help you out any time you need. You need a Aolani in your life and without her the darkness is just too dark. She will be the light that will carry you along the way and her sensitive and kind words will help you to make the right decision. She doesn't sleep around and she will be a very great girlfriend - so treat her right! You need her in your life FOR SURE.
Friend 1: Woah! You snagged an Aolani?
Friend 2: Yeah! I'm just so lucky to be able to have her in my life.
Friend 1: You go dude.
Friend 2: Thanks man - she's most certainly my kind of woman.
by __millsx October 11, 2015
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