A corrupt of, or variation in, the pronunciation of anyhow, thus having nearly the same meaning as anyway. Used to return to the main point in conversation, or to move the thread on form a previous topic.
...and then she said to him...
Oh yeah, basically they had a big row, and they've now moved out.

My love life you ask? Um, well, anyhoo, I've bought a new car.
by Anyway November 28, 2003
Top Definition
Used by many people, usually mentally retarded, as a means of saying 'anywho, or anyhow'.
Kyle-Im cool.

Hannah- Anyhoo, I'm gay and lame.

Kyle- Wait, what?
by Buster666 October 24, 2010
A really irritating, corny way of saying anyhow.
I think I am so cool by changing the word anyhow to anyhoo, but I am not. I sound stupid, but anyhoo, I have work to do.
by Jojo March 04, 2003
Anyhow. Used as a segway. . .(i.e. "I was eating a dead hot dog. Any-hoo, I enjoy watching pink monkeys.")
. . .and then I ate my sock. Any-hoo, that's off topic.
by Grant0 February 21, 2004
Alternative form of "anyhow"; in spite of it all; anyway.
Anyhoo... Let's get back to me issue at hand--we need to cut back on our expenses.
by VAKI5 May 10, 2005
A word used mainly by Canadians who cannot simply say 'anywho' or 'anyway' due to lack of mental capacity
I did really badly in remedial chemistry, anyhoos wanna go out friday?
by SeriouslyNotRacist January 31, 2012
corruption of anyhow. used at the beginning of a sentence to emphasise that a preceding subject is not to be mentioned again or discussed further.
I hate what you've done to your hair. Anyhoo, I went to the pictures yesterday...
by prismaticmarcus June 12, 2009
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