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Derived from the accidental misreading of Angus burger
An anus burger is a shit which has enough liquid in it that it comes out with a mind of its own making a pile in the toilet which looks like some pureed beef you'd make a smooth burger with.
"Oh god Stacy, DO NOT go in that bathroom, the toilet has the largest anus burger I have seen in my life in it."

"I'm not picking my dogs shit up! I don't care if you call the police, thats a fucking anus burger, I'm refuse to touch it, in fact, I can't even look at it anymore. How in the hell is my dogs shit that orange?"
by Raychilldo February 16, 2010
Anus Burger is an American grindcore and pornogrind band formed on September 11, 2001 following the government conspiracy of the attacks on the World Trade Center. The band currently has 3 members in it consisting of Mr. Testicle, Vanilla Monkey, and LilDyke. The band is known for their extremely graphic and often controversial lyrics featuring themes such as abortion, the Holocaust, racism, sexism, and gore. In the Spring of 2009, Anus Burger was featured on the Ellen Show following the release of their 3rd album Erectile Dysfunction, but they were removed after they insulted Ellen for being a dyke. This incident only helped to boost Anus Burger's popularity and their newly released 3rd studio album stayed at number 2 in the Billboard's Top 100 list for a total of four weeks. Rumors have recently spread about the possible breaking up of Anus Burger after the 3 band members survived a near death overdose of some crack cocaine. 6 months after their encounter with cocaine, LilDyke left the band to become a Gay Male Stripper. Mr. Testicle and Vanilla Monkey have stated that they will continue the band and are currently working on their 6th studio album entitled Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation but the album has experienced numerous delays. In November of 2013, LilDyke rejoined the band after getting AIDS from one of his clients. This saw the soon release of their single off of Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation entitles Aidscicle inspired by LilDyke's ordeal.
Anus Burger are the Pornogrind Kings.
by Vanilla Monkey November 30, 2013
A piece of meat between two buns... In the anus.
Doran and Jake got together and Jake made an anus burger out of him and Doran.
by Gijimbo003 March 15, 2009
Ahh i gotta go feed the toilet some anus burgers!
by anusburger January 08, 2011
Slang derived from McDonalds' "Angus Burger".
Guy: Hey, you wanna get an Anus Burger?
Girl: What the fuck are you talking about?
Guy:... Its the cool way of saying Angus Burger.
Girl: You are weird... But, sure I could go for one.
by J-48273 September 10, 2009
A tasty delight derived from ones anus.
I went to Dairy Queen and got muhself a anusburger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy Yummy Shitty Good!!
by EViLC December 03, 2003
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