1. (noun)- one who has grown out of an anus

2. (noun)- one who acts as if they have grown out of an anus
Joe: "Yo, ever since John got hit by that dim gnome rider, he has been acting like such an anus weed"

Jameel: "Word"
by benny illsman March 29, 2005
Top Definition
n. an anus weed is a cluster of anal hairs that have grown long and knot all up inside your bung hole, and when you wipe after taking a massive dump, the anus weed gets ripped out by the toilet paper, thus causing extreme pain and sometimes anal bleeding.
Frent : "Hey Kent, what took you so long in the bathroom? Jesus."
Kent : "Look man, my anus weed was yanked by the toilet paper, so my bung hole started bleeding all down my leg, and I had to clean that poopy blood off before I could come out."
by McSackdrop October 16, 2010
The weed that grows out of your anus. DO NOT PLUCK!!!!!!! Resembles a patch of dandelions.
"I fell on my skateboard and scraped all of my Anus Weeds out!"

"I was totally going to get laid until she saw my excessively long anal weeds"
by Plucked Anus Weed February 07, 2010
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