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Anurag is the epitome of boring, needs a day to comprehend simple things. If a zombie-like, jadoo resembling stick is seen with blood shot eyes rest assured its an Anurag. Mostly sex deprived and in need of a good fix.
The guy at last night's party who was feeling himself up was such a creep, he was being an Anurag.
This is the end of my life, I have become an Anurag.
by anus anu April 19, 2010
Anurag means love or a kind of attarction.
Anurag is normally prefer as a name of a boys, who are very sweet and lovable in nature:)
by Charu June 19, 2007
Its an Indian name of a boy. Its a Hindi word which means affection and love.
My name is Anurag.
by anuraganimax December 10, 2009
a symbol of love and a sweetheart of a brother:)
the world needs anurag to live
by Nidhiii December 22, 2006
It is called love in Hindi and is associated with a very popular and macho kind of guy. Any guy sitting in the centre of room has a high probability of being named Anurag.
Ooh! I just can't stop thinking of Anurag enough.
Oh no! He can't be Anurag?! He can't even put two and two together.
by k4kaliazz October 21, 2011