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Anurag means love or a kind of attarction.
Anurag is normally prefer as a name of a boys, who are very sweet and lovable in nature:)
by Charu June 19, 2007
Its an Indian name of a boy. Its a Hindi word which means affection and love.
My name is Anurag.
by anuraganimax December 10, 2009
a symbol of love and a sweetheart of a brother:)
the world needs anurag to live
by Nidhiii December 22, 2006
It is called love in Hindi and is associated with a very popular and macho kind of guy. Any guy sitting in the centre of room has a high probability of being named Anurag.
Ooh! I just can't stop thinking of Anurag enough.
Oh no! He can't be Anurag?! He can't even put two and two together.
by k4kaliazz October 21, 2011
Anurag is the epitome of boring, needs a day to comprehend simple things. If a zombie-like, jadoo resembling stick is seen with blood shot eyes rest assured its an Anurag. Mostly sex deprived and in need of a good fix.
The guy at last night's party who was feeling himself up was such a creep, he was being an Anurag.
This is the end of my life, I have become an Anurag.
by anus anu April 19, 2010
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