Tall good lookin guy with a big penis

doesnt have a choad for sure. dont beleive me ask Rolas' mom!!!

Fucking hates DR.Gil hes a bitch!!

" Get som gaggoles " - Gil

He kan work a girls vagina for days, without getting tired XD

P.S. Rolas is a faggot with a choad
Rolas : who were u with last nite mom??

Mom: well, i was with Antonio and he gave me an alabama hot pocket!!

Rolas: WTF!!!

Mom: And he donkey punched me leaving a Dirty sanchez!!!!
by Dropwar fuckersss!! May 06, 2009
A fine Italian stallion, this horse prefers the countryside, where he is often seen with the Viscount, Viceroy or Countess. A lovely animal.
In the glen, I could see Antonio, accompanied by The Viscount. What a dashing pair they make!
by chasethedoor November 04, 2011
A medium height Fillippino guy. Very attractive, charismatic, and entertaining. Has a smile that melts your heart and is talented in many different areas....including and especially the bedroom. And any girl who wins his heart will be happy the rest of her life!!
I hope one day I'll find MY Antonio!
by drgnlvr83 February 04, 2010
A name that is mexican but also italian and rarely used as a black person's name. Antonio can also mean stubborn, gay, and also weak.
Man... You act like Antonio.
by TheJokester1 April 12, 2011
A man who has very bad credit, no work ethic, smokes a lot of weed, and owes people A LOT of money. The majority of Antonio's have bad tempers and tend to be man whores. They like to cheat on their girl friends with trashy girls who resemble trolls.
My ex boyfriend is such an Antonio, he never pays his bills and smokes weed all the time!
by Amanda2198 May 01, 2009
Shortest kid I know. Personally, I do not think he will ever go through puberty. The kid is in ninth grade and he's like 4'5".
Antonio goes to a store called "Short and Fat"
by Aristotle Mastroianni March 14, 2007
a hot sexy mexican who belongs to a betty.
"i love you antonio"
by B.M.G April 19, 2006

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