All Antonio's has Spanish or Italian in them.They all sexy but most of them are short.Just because he is short doesnt mean he is small under the trousers he wears.You have to touch,squeese,feel to believe.Antonio's are destined to get married with a mixrace or a black light skinned girl!
"i think your too short for me" said a girl Antonio liked "just because im short doesnt mean im small,ill prove to you what a great partner il be to you and the sex life will be GREAT" said Antonio,"You should find out and see,i fort that once but now i want it everyday" said Antonio's X girlfriend.
by Mr.Jonathan February 27, 2007
A camp, humorous man full of Joy. Absolutely full....of Joy. Partial to a hot Indian, though usually complains of a sore arse the next day.
*guy A orders a vindaloo Indian*

Guy A: "Jesus, this Indian gave me such a sore arse. But man, I'm so full of Joy".
Guy B: "Mate, you're such an Antonio".
by pseudonym1578 April 24, 2015
A man with usually brown curly hair. A bitch that is furious and anxious. Antonios can be an Italian or a sexy greek boy like you've never seen. Usually a sporty kind of guy that any girl would want.
Wow did you see that (Antonios).
by Antonios July 06, 2014
Tall good lookin guy with a big penis

doesnt have a choad for sure. dont beleive me ask Rolas' mom!!!

Fucking hates DR.Gil hes a bitch!!

" Get som gaggoles " - Gil

He kan work a girls vagina for days, without getting tired XD

P.S. Rolas is a faggot with a choad
Rolas : who were u with last nite mom??

Mom: well, i was with Antonio and he gave me an alabama hot pocket!!

Rolas: WTF!!!

Mom: And he donkey punched me leaving a Dirty sanchez!!!!
by Dropwar fuckersss!! May 06, 2009
A fine Italian stallion, this horse prefers the countryside, where he is often seen with the Viscount, Viceroy or Countess. A lovely animal.
In the glen, I could see Antonio, accompanied by The Viscount. What a dashing pair they make!
by chasethedoor November 04, 2011
A medium height Fillippino guy. Very attractive, charismatic, and entertaining. Has a smile that melts your heart and is talented in many different areas....including and especially the bedroom. And any girl who wins his heart will be happy the rest of her life!!
I hope one day I'll find MY Antonio!
by drgnlvr83 February 04, 2010
A name that is mexican but also italian and rarely used as a black person's name. Antonio can also mean stubborn, gay, and also weak.
Man... You act like Antonio.
by TheJokester1 April 12, 2011

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