An amazing Bf. He will always be there for you. Yah he does mess up sometimes, But he always knows how to win your heart back. He's very funny and open to anything his GF wants <3. He cares about his GF alot. And loves her very much. He never lets any of tho's hoes get to him. He is an amazing guy and any girl would be lucky to be with him. But he's already taken by an amazing girl who loves him dearly. And her names Chrys. <33
I love you tony!
A&F O7-18-11
Girl 1: "Damn did you see Antonio (Tony) Today?"

Girl 2: " Yahh girl, Chrystal (Chrys) is one lucky girl"

Girl 1: Truee.
by Chrys. September 05, 2011
He is persistant.
He is loving and kind.
If he has found you (or rather you have found him) you have gained a precious friend.

He will teach you many thing like values and of love, and he will learn from you all you have to teach.
I repeat: if you have found him, your the luckiest person on the planet.
He is trustworthy and a great lover, and he will never leave you behind.
He is awesome and friendly and he will always bring your smile to shine.
Love matches: Lía
-Thanks, Antonio, for being there with me, always. You've never given up on me even if I have. I love you dearly.
-Qué tontería
by Dunno17 January 21, 2013
Can be a pervert from time to time but overall a cool guy. He is usually a romantic lovey dovey guy.

usually smart and idealistic
Is that antonio?
that guy? yes
Hes hot!

Hes my boyfriend
by Coolchick123456789 March 28, 2013
antonio is a sexy guy. if your name is antonio than of course you have a big dick. sexy, nice ass body,gigantic dick, very athletic,and can get any girl wet...including me. i want an antonio so bad omg.
by ericmaynor73 December 31, 2014
A real man, with chest hair, strong arms and a strong mind. Most of time time very cool, with impulsive, emotional actions at times. Sensual and creative. Not only incredibly good with his hands, but also quick thinking, intelligent, reflective and observing. A free spirit, not easy to tame, sometimes even petulant. Has a fascinating and attractive presence. Is extremely caring and protective with a selected few. When he holds you, you want to stay in his guarding arms forever, where everything seems to be so easy, warm and light. Only if you know him well enough, you know that he needs to be held too, as he himself would never ask for anyone's support.
Antonio, so much more than your typical Italian man.
by morä December 05, 2013
Antonio is a very trustworthy person, who sometimes likes to go by Tonio. He is usually from or Hispanic or West Indian Heritage and in lucky cases he is from both! He is handsome and charming, and when you get on his bad side your worst nightmare! When he loves, he usually loves way too hard. He puts all his trust in few people and relies on them too much. If you ever get an Antonio Keep him for life because you will only get one of him, he'll always have your back!
I love Antonio so much!
by youaintboutdatlife July 24, 2014
A man who is described to be utterly amazing in every way. A person who will make you feel like a trillion bucks by even taking you to McDonald's. An Antonio is very good looking and usually Italian. He is dependable, smart, and will love you with all of his heart. Every girl dies to have an Antonio, but the girl that has one is the luckiest girl on the planet.
Boyfriend: Baby why you actin' like that?

Girlfriend: You don't treat me right. I deserve better.

Boyfriend: So what are you going to do? Go find an Antonio?

Girlfriend: Damn right.
by Lexxxxyyyyy February 01, 2015
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