Antonio is a great person who caring, loving, an sweet. He cares about everybody even though he feels as if he don't have anybody. Many times Antonio feels unloved an uncared for but he has nothing to worry about. Tall dark an handsome. Antonio has a way with words but at the same time is straightforward. If an Antonio loves you know that it is one of the best loves in the world, keep him close an treasure him in every way possible.
Girl 1: my boyfriend is such an Antonio. Girl 2: your so lucky, I heard that an Antonio is a great person to have in your life.
by fallon01 January 11, 2013
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Antonio can be Mexican, Italian, or a Black person's name. It originated in Italy, many people mistake it for a Mexican person's name.

Usually people with the name Antonio are amazing lovers. They usually are very good looking and could take your breath away with just one glance.
"what is your name?" "My name is Antonio" "Oh! are you Mexican?" "No..."

"Antonio is an amazing lover from Italy/Spain, he has a nice body and a beautiful tan."

"Antonio is a sexy name"

"Did you meet that fine italian boy, what was his name? Antonio?"
by Antonio Varchetta July 10, 2008
Oh hot damn this boy is so sexy it almost hurts to look! He's a great cuddler and keeps us girlies warm at night :)
Antonio is such a cutie he's like a teddy bear :)
by your_fav_lesbian January 10, 2010
Antonio is very sweet, caring, understanding, and dependable person. Has the best personality out there. Always is there to help anyone in need. Is always afraid to take chances. Sometimes falls his closest friend. At times very insecure, shy, and hopeless. But always finds a reason to keep believing and trying. Has a nice smile with a big heart. Finds his ways to brighten up anyones day. Is very forgiving, even to those that hurt him. He is a lover but a fighter when he has to be. Falls in love pretty easy and tends to hold on for a long time. Faithful, funny, charming, and kindhearted. Tends to put his loved ones before himself. At times get very emotional and jealous but contains himself before things get out of hand. Always does anythng and everything for the girl he likes/loves. At times not the best looking guy but he is a one of a kind type of guy. If you find yourself an Antonio it is for the best you don't let him slip away cause once you lose him, you lose him for good. He's one a once in a lifetime.
Girl 1 ; I hear Antonio likes you?

Girl 2 ; Yeah he does.

Girl 1 ; You're a very lucky girl.

Girl 2 ; I know *teardrop and smiles*
by James Kevin McCartney May 25, 2012
A guy who is very trustworthy. He is a great friend and always makes you laugh! He would never do anything to hurt you unless he has a reason. He cares deeply about the people close to him.
I love Antonio! He really is the best.
by kboo123 October 14, 2012
a cool calm and sexy italian man you can latch on too in times of sadness.Also suprisingly good in bed.
"hey Antonio"

"Yeah you alrite"- a

"You wanna make love"

"OK!"- a

"Lets try for 6 hours this time"
by qwertyuioasdfghjklxzcvbnmwerfd February 06, 2009
A sexy half-mexican with a cute mole on is face. Antonios tend to be amazing at life and you should probably date one.
"Damn get me an Antonio! AyYYYYY!!!!!"
by the half russian February 15, 2008
An amazing Bf. He will always be there for you. Yah he does mess up sometimes, But he always knows how to win your heart back. He's very funny and open to anything his GF wants <3. He cares about his GF alot. And loves her very much. He never lets any of tho's hoes get to him. He is an amazing guy and any girl would be lucky to be with him. But he's already taken by an amazing girl who loves him dearly. And her names Chrys. <33
I love you tony!
A&F O7-18-11
Girl 1: "Damn did you see Antonio (Tony) Today?"

Girl 2: " Yahh girl, Chrystal (Chrys) is one lucky girl"

Girl 1: Truee.
by Chrys. September 05, 2011

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