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A male Italian name. His characteristics consist of being a sweetheart to everyone, but still have a rough, fighting side. Has an adventurous side to him. He seeks for young attractive girls that are in shape. Loves hanging out with his friends. And even though he is kind hearted, can be a freak in the bed. Overall an Antonino is a good person.
Oh my god, that guys is so Antonino.
by little ie February 13, 2009
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antonino,the name of an italian nevision boy.Antonino is a kind hearted sweet boy who sometimes gets treated wrong.If he finds a girl who he is attracted to he will love her until he learns that she aint worth it.antonino's skin color is lighter then usual.antonino if very friendly and a good listener
"omg antonino is so sweet"
"antonino looks white but he is not"
by anton jamison March 07, 2009
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A gay Italian boy who has a big nose and a small peepee. He loves when Taaj turns into the devil during sexual intercourse. He is into gay Italian midget porn or dog dildos. He is frequently threatening non-homosexual men.
Non-homosexual man: hi Antonino!

Antonino: I'm going to kill you ( lowkey means he wants to gobble your penis like a turkey)
by Brittish Accent September 03, 2016
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