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Former contestant on American Idol, known more for her racy photos where she posed half-nude at the War Memorial in Washington D.C. There were "alleged" photos of her giving oral sex to a guy which had the most ugliest looking penis i've seen... although those photos turned out to be fake.

I bet you $10, she appears on the next months edition of playboy.
Antonella Barba may of had a nice rack, but her singing made my fucking ears bleed.
by A proud gay guy named Johnny March 18, 2007
an american idol contestant from new jersey who became popular because racy pictures of her spread around the internet. they included her topless, wearing a seethrough shirt, posing seductively, and giving a blowjob.
antonella barba is the hottest american idol contestant, not kelly clarkson.
by ballerific March 17, 2007

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