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sexy mature boy that gets lots of girls and very athletic. Often times anton will be associated with someone more intelligent, hotter and funnier than the people that wish they were him.
Damn look at that guy, he's almost as sexy as anton.

I wanna suck his... oh hi anton.
#anton #sexy #intelligent #fine #funny
by justin and darren notanton February 13, 2008
the coolest kid in the whole school. always being asked for his number and is invited to everything. has lots of friends.
yo man, looks like your the anton around here cause i always see you talking it up with the ladies
#cool #popular #awesome #amazing #fun #sweet
by stew glistone October 12, 2007
The most flawless man on the planet. Anton is sweet, poetic, athletic, musical, funny, and hot. Best guy you could ever be lucky enough to know. Only idiots talk bad about Anton. Even his flaws are perfect.
Fil: Oh hey did you hear him mess up at practice?
Kira: You're stupid. He's Anton, and flawless.
#anton #froman #ton-ton #frenchy #frobro
by Calypso24601 November 14, 2012
a boy who is popular but self conscious around girls. when a girl likes him more than he likes her he ignores her so she backs down. he thinks that he's better than anyone else and thinks he can do anything he wants to any girl. sometimes loving, caring, and wonderful but other times rude, arrogant, and ignorant of feelings.
girl 1: so i met this boy a few weeks ago and he was so sweet but when i told him that i loved him he never called me again..
girl 2: wowww im soo sorry!! that so messed up. he's such an anton, you deserve so much betterr.
#arrogant #rude #loving #caring #ignorant
by kung paoo April 25, 2009
A name or word often accosiated to a very good looking guy that is iteresting and or funny. 99% of the time its accosiated with a person that everybody hates, but loves anyway, and normally black.
Wow that guy needs to be more like anton
#anton #smart #funny #hot #talented
by justin gon February 14, 2008
A raging erection
"Dude, I've got such an anton right now"

"I have so many antons right now"
#anton #penis #boner #hard #on
by pumpkincups March 13, 2014
A random blonde kid that likes trains, and potatoes. Also he is cool, when he has ice tea.
Anton is way cooler when you feed him ice tea.
#anton #times square #harow #my man #playa
by Im gonna delete this February 20, 2015
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