When you see your bro drinking a Smirnoff Ice, look him in the eye, say "PUT THAT DOWN!", and punch him in the face.

The opposite of icing.
Bro...if I EVER catch you with a Smirnoff Ice, I'm gonna set you straight and anti-freeze you.
by quemachine September 25, 2010
Top Definition
Antifreeze is that greenish yellow liquid your dad puts in the car. It's ethylene glycol. It keeps the car's cooling engine from freezing. It's done in cold places and it's a tradition that goes from generation to generation. Don't drink it though, or you'll die. It's sweet tasting, but deadly toxic if you drink it.
You: Dad? What's that yucky green stuff you're putting in the car?
Dad: That's antifreeze! Someday you'll follow in my footsteps and winter-proof your car engine.
by HawaiianPunch1 December 06, 2013
Any type of amphetamine. Usually popped to get pumped up for something serious or something you would otherwise be afraid to do. Mostly adderall but sometimes vyvanse also. Called anti-freeze because it keeps you from freezing up in situations that could mean life or death.
"The streets is mean so I keep that anti-freeze." -Gorilla Zoe
by ssblood May 31, 2010
A really awesome and decidedly kitchen alcoholic drink, made by mixing blueberry vodka with mountain dew. Quick, simple, tasty, F(-uck)s you up plenty!
yo yo the party ain't started till we get some antifreeze up in this bitch!
by DJ Kitchen April 10, 2006
A alcoholic beverage made when mixing Patron and Everglo.
I mix Patron and Everglo and call it antifreeze.
by Da Animal April 04, 2008
drink made popular by team hood niggah (rhode island beer pong team). it consists of UV blue and vault soda
"yo hood niggah mix me up some anti freeze"
by deuce and normie F baby January 26, 2008
An alcoholic drink that one may make by mixing Golden Grain and green Hawaiian Punch.

Also known as Hunch Punch if Golden Grain is mixed with red Hawaiian Punch.
Let's mix up some antifreeze in a gas jug so if a cop pulls us over, they won't suspect shit.
by Narcissus87 December 22, 2006
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