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A realist. Someone who realizes men and women are not created equal and social expectations of men and woman evolve from simple biological truths. This is opposed to a feminist, who lives in a fantasy land where men and women are exactly the same and should be treated as such.

Antifeminists do not wish for woman to be "enslaved". This is an appeal to fear by many prominent feminist who would like to ignore the fact that men are expected by traditional society to do certain things we may not find pleasent either - such as go to war, work at a job we don't like, etc.

Rather, antifeminists wish to reduce the harm caused by feminists which has perverted the natural order of gender relations (which is largely a cultural universal) in favor of a plastic, manufactured society not based in reality. This type of society has lead to a gradual erosion of woman's happiness since the 1950's.
Feminist: Why should I be treated different from you just because you have a penis!!!
Antifeminist: There are more differences between men and women than that. Look at upper body strength, different cognitive functioning, pitch of the voice, The skeletal, respiratory, and muscular system, reproduction...
Feminist: aha! You just want to make me into a baby-making machine!!! You want to roll back society to the 50's!!!!
Antifeminist: well, studies show women were much happier in the 50's...
Feminist: So! I'd rather be miserable and free than happy and enslaved!!!!
Antifeminist: i'm not trying to enslave you...
Feminist: Yes, you said so!!!
by logicality January 10, 2013
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1. One who rejects feminism (the ideology) not women (the gender)

2. One who believes in equal rights for both men and women
The antifeminist corrected the Women's Studies Lecturer on unequal payment for women, stating that such an assertion did not account for danger premiums, actual hours worked, paternity vs. maternity leave, retirement ages or lifestyle choices

by Fred X !! July 21, 2006
1. A person who believes that since women can vote and this is a democracy then sexism no longer exists.
2. A person who believes that men are supposed to kill animals and women are supposed to make babies
I posted a story about rape on my blog and it was promptly overrun by antifeminist trolls.
by Anne6 June 11, 2008
A person who denies that sexism exists and/or believes that women are inferior to men. These people claim that working towards gender equity is harmful to society.
Many students at Washington Univeristy protested the commencement speech of antifeminist author Phyllis Schlafly.
by Anne6 June 11, 2008
A person who rejects the modern feminist movement, but believes that women and men should still be treated equally and have equal rights. Likely debates feminists on subjects such as patriarchy, the pay gap, and reproductive rights. Is NOT a misogynist.
Person 1: "Hey, what do you think of feminism?"
Person 2: "I'm an antifeminist, I disagree with it because it creates false issues and blows real issues out of proportion."
Person 1: "Wow! You must be a total woman-hating misogynist pig! I bet you think all women belong in the kitchen!"
Person 1: "Not at all, I fully support gender equality, but not the modern feminist movement because it is inherently broken."
by ThyIkonoklast December 18, 2014
Someone who regards the human race as a line of Barbie and Ken dolls. Any man or woman who doesn't fit the model of a Barbie or a Ken is deemed defective. (Unfeminine women are accused of "trying to be men," un-masculine men are deemed "pussies" or "fags," etc.) The anti feminist blames feminism for the fact that the sexes don't look like the cast of "Leave it to Beaver" or "Happy Days," assuming that tomboys, career women, homosexuals, and nerds never existed before the women's lib movement of the 1960s came along and "destroyed femininity/masculinity."
"Don't tell Ms. Wilson that you're going back to work after your kid's born. She's an anti feminist."
by Sally Shears December 21, 2014
An anti feminist is someone who is against feminism as a movement. They do not hold the same beliefs as feminists. Otherwise known as an idiot. An antifeminist is usually also a chauvinistic arse, an occasionally suffers from a case of "getupallinyourbuisness"itis. Never trust an antifeminist
John " I'm an antifeminist because men need to be the head of the family."

Robert "Men suffer from sexual discrimination just as much as women."

Jill "You're all idiots."
by HitchhikeTo42 December 28, 2014

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