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Anti-Egoseismic, to have natural disasters flee from your presence. where you roam, tornadoes and earthquake do not follow.
"Hey Link, ever since we came to California, we haven't experienced any natural disasters, i wonder why that is.."

"Well Rhett my good man, we must be Anti-Egoseismic"

"ahh, but of course!"
by deltora March 05, 2012
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The belief that earthquakes are driven away from your relative location in the world, even as you change places
Link: I think that Earthquakes in California stopped because we moved to California
Rhett: That's rather egoseismic thinking, isn't it?
Link: Actually, it's Antiegoseismic thinking
by StupidButCunning March 05, 2012
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Where ever one goes about, they think that disaster flees from them and/or the area, state or country that they live within.
Watch Good Mythical Morning of Rhett and Links 'How to prepare for an Earthquake' on Youtube for a better definition.

Link would GLADLY accept being an anti-egoseismic, since where ever he seems to go, earthquakes flee from him. (maybe amongst other things too ;) at one point he wishes to be commissioned for the good deed he has done for his city.
by Evalseralc March 05, 2012
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The ability to repel earthquake activity away from the general area in which you live due to your overly large ego.
Link: "Actually, Rhett, I'm not egoseismic. I'm actually ANTIegoseismic. Check out the safety of LA. My antiegoseismic properties are being put to good use. Heck yeah."
by Rapunzzel March 10, 2012
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A term to express the thinking that your presence repels earthquakes.
link - "wherever i go, earthquakes flee... i should be paid for that"
rhett - "i think that would actually be anti-egoseismic"
by ultranewt March 05, 2012
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Thinking earthquakes flee wherever you go
Link has antiegoseismic thinking due to coincidental events.
by Sombra Blanca March 05, 2012
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adj - disinclined to experiencing earthquakes. One who is anti-egoseismic may live in North Carolina and hear about earthquakes occurring every month in California, and then move to California and live there for years without ever experiencing one.

Antonym - egoseismic (prone to earthquakes)
"I think I'm anti-egoseismic, because I've lived my whole life in various places that are prone to earthquakes, and yet I've never experienced a single one."
by JustCasualGRENNAN March 05, 2012
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