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a longer word for a dick.....according to Eminem.
"get off my dick, dick's too short a word for my dick, get off my antidisestablishmentantarianism you prick!" - Eminem (Almost Famous - Recovery)
by SD7 January 15, 2011

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The man that stands on the corner of your street yelling 'THE END IS NEAR'or you can call them an Anarchist, meaning well, that manon the corner of the street.. yeah. SCENARIO: if seeing an antidisestablishmentantarianist you shall 1: kick him and say, thats your end, JEW! 2: agree 3: Oppose 4: take his sign, smack him in the face with it, take his kart and run off and put it with another one and lock it with that key thing that you put in the back, then take the quarter, then run away go on an airplane to bangladesh, buy a machine gun, empty the clip into the 'said quarter' then fly back to your residential area, then give 'said quarter' to the antidisestablishmentantarianist amd say hahaha! since there is bullet holes in the quarter, the kart is going to reject the quarter, then the antidisestablishmentantarianist will be sad, and stop antidisestablishmentantarianisming all over your property.
Antidisestablishmentantarianism means jew jahova whitness umm maybe your father. dont worry about the long paragraph, its worth the read.
by ILIKEBUTTONS March 09, 2008