an awesome band with an awesome message.
since i started listening to anti-flag at the age of 13, i've become increasingly more interested in real issues than the "money!! greed!! yay!!" attitude of the yuppies in my town or the "ima shoot me a lib-ur-al!" attitude of the rednecks in my town.
by wannabe December 16, 2004
'Talented' is not a good enough word. Anti-Flag is one of the few bands that can still bull off fast, loud, and political music without sounding like total idiots.

I highly recommend 'The Press Corpse' on their latest album, 'For Blood and Empire.'
Anti-Flag kicks ass... end of story.
by Calypsion June 27, 2006
an awosome political punk band which i feel is the best out in the punk scene right now, go and check out all thier albums.
"You've gotta die, gotta die, gotta die for your government?
Die for your country? That's shit!"
by jeff mason February 25, 2005
only the greatest punk band that ever was ;p they sing about peace and unity. any1 whos is pro-war should get a reality check, we're human beings, lets act like it...
man 1: dude i luv anti-flag!

man 2: do u even kno wut they're all about?

man 1: yea... uh, anti-america...

man 2: no, you kno nothin you fucking poser, its pro peace.
by Warren S. January 17, 2005
a punk band formed in pittsburgh pennsylvania who rose to popularity a few years ago but didnt sell out in the process of doing so. current members are justin sane chris head chris 2 and pat thetic. formed 1993. anti flag is popular for there anti bush message.
anti flag is real punk.
by mr. dibbs is a dumb fuck April 06, 2009
Punk band that originally formed in 1988 in Pittsburgh, PA, but didn't really kick off until the late 90's. Known for their political messages and beliefs in equality and humanity as one unit instead of being separated by race, religion, sex, etc. Current lineup consists of Justin Sane, Pat Thetic, Chris Head, and Chris #2. They are fans of the word, "fuck" and kick out people who fight at their shows unless they're willing to kiss each other.
Anti-Flag is good music to fall asleep to.
by whyamionurbandictatmidnight? December 04, 2011

Anti Flag is a punk rock band that you listen to when you wear all black clothes and/or are a pot smoking liberal who thinks he knows how to run a country.
Liberal: Anti Flag rules!
Conservative: You'll go far in life...
by Mr. Dibbs October 10, 2005
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