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A twelve year old who just got his first pube logging onto when his mommy isn't watching to post horrifically slanted definitions into the 'America' and 'United States of America' sections.

Newsflash: There are dumb Americans. There are dumb Brits. There are dumb French people. There are dumb people in every country of every nation in the world.

I'm not sure whether most of these definitions come from other countries (most likely European, where America is defined merely by George Bush and McDonalds) or by underprivileged American kids who think its cool to hate America.

Many criticize the US's ill conceived wars in the middle east. Yes, the Iraq war wasn't the smartest idea. But we vote for leaders to make decisions, and they lie like the crooks they are. Any country with a parliament knows that politicians don't listen to their constituents. Don't act like America is any different.

America has made mistakes, like every other country in the world. Stop acting like you're so perfect.
Johnny: Oh boy! Mommy left her computer on so I can go post stuff I heard on some French kid's myspace to Urbandictionary! I are smart!

Pierre: You Americans are stupider than us!
Beck: What's your IQ?
Pierre: 85.
Beck: The bell curve is a bitch, isn't it?

Anya: I saw on TV that George Bush got his hand stuck in a door, and that McDonalds makes money. That means every single American is fat and stupid! Hah, logic wins again!

Gilligan: You American gits started a war for no reason.
Harry: Excuse me, what was the War of Jenkin's Ear?
Gilligan: That happened hundreds of years ago, and it was the government's decision, not the people!
Harry: Yup. Just like every American got to vote on whether they wanted war.
Gilligan: ...
Harry: Where's Guy Fawkes when you need him?

All examples of conversations with Anti-Americatards
by billy_buddy_of_doom5 December 06, 2009
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