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The opposite of a whore. Someone that will not put out, with the commitment of a serious relationship. No one likes this person.
Anyone wearing a purity ring is an Anti Whore.
by Scrawling Gecko June 11, 2010
1 4
1. A bitch that is so prissy that she has given up the idea of sex.

2. A whore that is so whorish that she is an Anti-Whore.

3. Someone who has tried to avoid becoming a whore so much that she has turned lesbian.

4. A normal woman who has been brainwashed by Jesus.
"That Robin is such an Anti-Whore."
"That girl is such a whore that I get floppy every time a look at her."
"That anti-whore never had sex with a man, and so she turned into a lesbian."
"I was about to fuck that christian chick. But she turned out to be an Anti-whore with a purity ring."
by Super Sexy Fuck Beast February 08, 2010
16 11
a person who dislikes promiscuous interactions with others
that girl is such an antiwhore, she's only been with one guy
by Gimmeficti0n July 27, 2010
4 1
A woman who is so repulsive that she couldn't even pay a man to sleep with her.
"Leigh is so utterly beyond redemption that she has achieved anti-whore status".
by str8man96 August 24, 2010
5 4
A girl who lacks all qualities of a normal whore and then some. A professional anti whore will have a man take her on dates and spend mass amounts of money, only to shut him down again and again.
A girl walks into a bar and has a short conversation with a man. The man thinks "oh i have a shot" but really the anti whore is just leading him on and will quickly leave the bar.
by lovedoctor99 October 25, 2009
4 3
A person who has devoted what remains of their sad little life to wiping whores of the face of the earth.
Anti-whore: I'm gonna kill you bitch
Whore: *Pulls out Tazor*
by @##@ September 21, 2008
3 13