Having previously dated someone, and that someone claiming you did in fact not date. The time that you dated said person is known as "Anti-dating".
Boy: "Don't you remember our relationship?"
Girl: "We didn't date. You may think so, and everyone else may think so, but we didn't."
Boy: "So, we anti dated?"
by Pope Chris XIX November 25, 2007
Top Definition
An eye-opening crappy experience that cures a person's crush. Usually happens on what the first person thought would be a date but turned out otherwise.
Guy A: "Dude, how was your date with Brandy?"

Guy B: "Awful! I spent the whole time painting her apartment while she talked on the phone with some other guy. I'm totally done with her."

Guy A: "Wow, sounds like quite an antidate."
by bayrunner January 19, 2011
its when two friends who really like each other, hang out
tara and john are basically anti-date
by tarasmuchbetter September 21, 2009

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