Your white friend who is convinced he is black and/or a gangster
1:Did you hear Anthony wore his bandanna Tupac style today

2:Who does that bitch think he is
by Mothu focku August 11, 2016
A jerk ass that is a smooth talker and a liar. Has a lot of feelings for girls, but is very kind. But messes with your head a lot
That is a Anthony.
by Unknown stranger - February 05, 2015
Usually either extremely handsome or very ugly. Most are uneducated and say stuff like "tooken" instead of "taken". Doesn't Listen very well at all and will get on your nerves constantly. Anthony's are usually on a high horse and think they are badass and know everything as well.
"Girl, he's an Anthony, stay away from him."

Anthony: "you shouldn't of tooken my wallet."
by HelushkaSpirit June 27, 2016
Nice but then mean, usually changes, two faced, has a butt chin.
Ugh, Anthony is so moody.
by piggiepie101 July 09, 2016
that guy that smokes alot of weed
wow hes high, of course hes an anthony
by I Am Sheepie November 19, 2015
a really nice guy at first and really cute but can be a player be careful, he can make you feel special and dump you.
Girl 1. Did you hear Anthony is with that new girl
Girl 2: no they just broke up. He moved on
by hatincertainpeople June 24, 2015
To "pull an Anthony" is to consume such extreme quantities of alcohol that one forgets various events upon sobering up.
"Dude, we had plans, I can't believe you didn't show!"

"Aww, man, I was at that party last night, totally pulled an Anthony, my bad"
by DowntownFeline May 11, 2014
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