tall handsome thin guy, likes them short blondes that have sassieness and can be stubborn. loves his girl, may flirt with other girls alot but knows he needs to stop. can make mistakes in his relationship, but can always make it better by being corny, kisses on the forehead and cheek, giving flowers and teddy bears. he likes girls that are nice, polite, funny, knows how to have a good time and wont take peoples crap at all. anthonys are a girls dream guy. they work great with girls that have a name starting with the letter L
wow hes hot..what an anthony
did u see anthony? he was with that short blonde
aww he kissed you forehead...thats an anthony move
by flirtyanthony July 26, 2011
A Anthony is a Jamaican boy that lives in DC that is soo cute, sexy and girls fall at his feel but he just helps them up because he has a girlfriend. he can skate boards he has a big dick and long dread and a SWAG like no other. he does not care what people think about him he does not like to fight but will if he has to. Who is also apart of TTG and Black Lawyerz
"Who is that cute boy making all that nose". "Ohh that Anthony" "I want him" biting her lip.

Those TTG boyz are so cute.

Anthony has the best swag in DC.

I just want to pull on Anthony's dreads.
Did you see Anthony on the Black Laweryz video he was so cute.
by TTGmanz January 08, 2012
Anthony is a big spendin', lovely, cool guy who likes motorcycles!! and he's awesome! yay Anthony!
Me: Anthony, your just so cool!

Anthony: Yeah.. I know!!

by mnguyenn September 01, 2008
A mexican. Nuff said. But also very funny and sexy. Usually does drugs.
Speedy Gonzalas is mexican..just like Anthony
by geezitshannah July 14, 2011
Stupid AdHd migit fuck who is bipolar and has to take shots to grow, who likes trailer trash piece of shit and get caught smoking weed. lol.
guy1: anthony punched me!!!

guy2: hes prolly a little migit fuckin piece of adhd shit...

guy1: your right he is.
by rohan wadvkhar November 12, 2011
Anthony is a world renown classy one of a kind dick sucker, his skills according from his "many" clients tell he has had a lot of practice. One client tells he just loves to caress penis that's a for sure.
Anthony is a dick sucker.
by xTYTANIUMx August 18, 2011
u\Usually a black person, but doesnt really act black. But if they do, they act super black.Sometimes is annoying, but usually is nice. CAN NOT BE SHANKED .
Person 1: Owwwww i got stapped.
Person 2: By who?
Person 1: Probably Anthony, i tried shanking him back but it didnt work.
by THE NOT SO BLACK PERSON June 02, 2010

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